Augmented reality toy from Lego enhances traditional experience

Lego fusion augmented reality

The new AR tech companion app brings an entirely new level to play time with these plastic building blocks. Lego has fully embraced augmented reality technology with the development of its new Fusion sets, some of which are already available on store shelves and more of which are likely to create quite a splash during the holiday shopping season. There are already three Lego Fusion sets that are available, with at least one more that is on the way. The new augmented reality experience allows children of all ages to…

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Augmented reality toys from Disney have potential but is the tech there yet?

augmented reality image

The new developments seem very promising but the technology may not be at the right point. Though augmented reality has added a great deal of potential for “magic” from Disney as it has incorporated it into a series of their toys, many consumers and reviewers are wondering if the technology is developed enough to make the experience worthwhile quite yet. Frequently, as has been the case in other instances of this technology, confusion and frustration results. The augmented reality toys that Disney has produced are aimed at a young audience.…

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Augmented reality game launched by Alife Studios and WowWee

Augmented reality video

Elite CommandAR aims to provide gamers with an interactive experience Alife Studios, a subsidiary of Artificial Life Inc., has announced its partnership with WowWee Group Limited, a developer of high-tech robotics, to launch a new mobile application called “Elite CommandAR.” As the name of the application suggests, it makes use of augmented reality to provide consumers access to engaging digital experiences. The application is designed to interface with a physical toy that has been designed by WowWee. The application is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Application to…

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Augmented reality kiosks unveiled by Chariot Co. Ltd.

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

Company utilizes augmented reality to develop innovative kiosks Japan’s Chariot Co. Ltd., a developer of augmented reality systems, has announced the launch of a new brand of kiosks that are meant to provide retailers with more interaction with consumers. The kiosks were unveiled at the Tokyo International Toy Store, which was held last month in Japan. The kiosks were demonstrated as part of a presentation from the Happinet Corporation, a toy manufacturer. The demonstration showcased the company’s latest toy series, titled “Domino World.” Technology continues to prove itself as a…

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Aurasma and Bandai partner to bring augmented reality to toy packaging

Augmented Reality Video6

Aurasma, a world leading augmented reality developer, has partnered with Bandai, a leading toy manufacturer, to create more engaging packaging for a number of popular toy lines. Each package will contain its own augmented reality experience specific to the toy that it holds. The digital content can be accessed by smart phones equipped with the Aurasma mobile augmented reality browser, which uses the mobile device’s camera to recognize the content. Aurasma believes that this new approach will be a bit hit with kids as it takes the toys out of…

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