New augmented reality system developed by Fujitsu Laboratories

Augmented reality

Augmented reality system could turn nearly any surface into an interactive interface Fujitsu Laboratories, a leading technology firm, has developed what it calls a next generation user interface using augmented reality. The system developed by Fujitsu is designed to accurately detect the hand gestures of a user, tracking finger movements with acute precision. Fujitsu claims that the system is capable of creating a highly-interactive touchscreen-like interface on nearly any surface in the real world. This is accomplished through the use of augmented reality technology. Augmented reality begins breaking away from…

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Apple takes aim at augmented reality, backed by new patent

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Apple wins new patent for augmented reality system Apple has set its sights on augmented reality for the future. The acclaimed technology company has long been a leader in the realm of mobile technology, but was dethroned last year by its staunch competitor Samsung. Google has also become one of the strongest competitors to the company, partly because of its ambitious work in the field of augmented reality. In order to reclaim its position as a leader in mobile technology, Apple has been investing more heavily into augmented reality to…

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Grow Financial embraces augmented reality

Grow Financial Augmented Reality Marketing

Grow Financial launches augmented reality system in new Florida branch In late September, Grow Financial, a leading federal credit union, opened its 19th branch in Tampa, Florida. Since then, the branch has been grabbing attention for its use of augmented reality, which is used in one of the credit union’s services. The credit union had been looking for a way to bring new technology into its operations, citing demand from consumers. Teaming with design firm Inwindow Outdoor, Grow Financial was able to make this endeavor a reality. System provides information…

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Augmented reality system detailed in new Apple patent

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Apple wins patent for head-mounted augmented reality system Apple has won a patent form the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the development of a head-mounted augmented reality system. Thus far, Google has been the biggest name in the head-mount augmented reality arena. The company has been flaunting the uses of its ambitious Project Glass system, taking every opportunity to show off its high-tech capabilities. Apple will soon enter into the augmented reality battlefield with its own head-mounted product, which may end up being more sophisticated than its competitor. System…

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Augmented reality system could change the way the security world works in the future

Mobile Security threats

Motorola Solutions, the expansive business wing of the prestigious telecommunications company, recently held an innovation contest searching for the most ambitious context-aware application platforms in the country. Each platform entered into the contest was based upon the Golden-i headset computer system. The system combines cloud computing with augmented reality to give users access to a wide variety of information. Motorola awarded Appear, a vendor of specialized mobile applications, and Ryerson University’s Flybits, a R&D organization. Appear has built a new system to be used with the Golden-I platform that caters…

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