Samsung announces augmented reality application for Olympic Games

Augmented reality-Olympic Games

Olympics may be ideal venue for augmented reality The 2012 Olympic Games will begin this month in the United Kingdom. As per usual, the event is garnering a great deal of international attention as most of the world’s countries will be represented in various sporting events. In the UK, many companies have been working on ways to improve the experience of those that will be visiting the country for the event. Some believe the Olympics will pose a unique opportunity for these companies to expose consumers to new technologies and…

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Oakley announces development of augmented reality glasses


Google is not the only augmented reality glasses player in town… Oakley, a maker of sporting equipment with a focus on eyewear, has announced that it is developing a pair of augmented reality glasses designed for the world of sports. The company is the latest in a growing line of those entering the field of augmented reality eyewear, but it is the first within the sporting industry to adopt the technology in this way. While Oakley only revealed information regarding its latest project this week, the company has been working…

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