Augmented reality makes its way into the “home of the future”

augmented reality mirror makeup cosmetics lipstick mobile payments

The concept may seem dated but the experience of the latest technology is as fun as it ever was. Panasonic took an old school idea right to the cutting edge at this year’s IFA tech show in Berlin, stepping away from the modern display to which we have become accustomed at these types of events, in favor of an augmented reality based view of how the not too distant future may appear as technology steps into more areas of the home. The brand brought a vision of how futuristic homes…

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Augmented reality Barbie Mirror lets kids try makeup without the mess

  The AR technology allows children to apply digital eye shadow and lipstick without using mommy’s products. Many children love the experience of trying on makeup just like what their mothers and favorite television characters wear, and Barbie is now providing and augmented reality experience to help to make this experience more fun and less messy. This can help children to try out many different colors and techniques without smearing lipstick everywhere. Mattel is using the augmented reality Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror to provide children with the traditional experience of…

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Magic mirrors in New York City are more real than they are fantasy

Augmented Reality Mirror

Magic mirrors are showing up in New York City. These are not the kind found in fairy tales, however, though the technology they use may seem like something out of science-fiction. Engineers from the New York Times Company’s research and development lab have built a new mirror that makes extensive use of augmented reality technology. While the mirror is still in the prototype phase, it shows just how far augmented reality has come and could be telling of future products making use of the technology. The mirror makes use of…

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New high tech “mirror” alters appearance through augmented reality

Augmented Reality

To some, appearance means everything. Makeup, new clothes and a new hair style are often enough to satisfy the need for change for many. Cosmetic surgery is a viable option for those wishing to make more radical changes to their body, or for those wishing to make simple adjustments. The age of technology has bred many wonders when it comes to altering one’s body, but these methods have mainly been restricted to static pictures. Researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, have developed a new piece of software that allows…

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