Do-it-yourself augmented reality gaining momentum

Hand made augmented reality

Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Eye could unlock the future for augmented reality As augmented reality technology becomes more advanced, it is also becoming more accessible. This has made the technology more appealing to the do-it-yourself community. In the DIY world, the Microsoft Kinect has become quite popular for its ability to make use of augmented reality technology. The Kinect is equipped with high-tech motion capture cameras that can be used in tandem with augmented reality to construct dynamic digital experiences. The Kinect is not alone in the field as it…

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Augmented reality may change how journalism works in the future

Augmented Reality Technology

The world of news progresses at an unrelenting pace. For news organizations, the demand for constant, real-time news coverage has never been higher. Real-time coverage, however, is far more difficult than it sounds, especially from a news perspective. Most newsworthy happenings do not happen according to a tightly regulated schedule, making it challenging for news organizations to keep up with the pace of real life. The news industry is beginning to turn to technology to overcome this challenge, and many have begun focusing on augmented reality. The majority of news…

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