Augmented reality teaser revealed by Motorola

augmented reality motorola

The company released an AR tech based project with pop-up art that is drawing considerable attention. Motorola had already given a small taste of an augmented reality concept that they were dabbling with, which was focused on children and that raised a few brows with interest from the industry. That occurred at the Uplinq conference from Qualcomm, but Motorola has made considerable headway since then. Now it looks as though this augmented reality project is much closer to being officially announced, as Motorola has offered yet another sneak peak at…

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Augmented reality mobile application helps kids read newspapers

augmented reality newspaper for kids

Technology makes it possible for children to understand articles written for adult readers. It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the print newspaper industry is struggling as a growing number of readers choose to find their news online instead of subscribing, but an augmented reality app is hoping to add a new demographic to the audience for this product. The potential of this app could be to break the print newspaper industry into the kids’ demographic. The newspaper industry is looking for new ways to be able to…

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Augmented reality toys from Disney have potential but is the tech there yet?

augmented reality image

The new developments seem very promising but the technology may not be at the right point. Though augmented reality has added a great deal of potential for “magic” from Disney as it has incorporated it into a series of their toys, many consumers and reviewers are wondering if the technology is developed enough to make the experience worthwhile quite yet. Frequently, as has been the case in other instances of this technology, confusion and frustration results. The augmented reality toys that Disney has produced are aimed at a young audience.…

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Augmented reality from Fisher-Price converts iPads into children’s toys

augmented reality mobile gaming

The technology has been applied to the latest app for change the way that children experience the world. Fisher-Price, always a leader in children’s toys, has now released an app that has allowed them to use augmented reality to keep up with the very latest in cutting edge mobile technology to appeal to tech savvy kids and parents. The new Apptivity set line from the toy manufacturer is geared specifically toward preschoolers. The app is designed to be child safe, so that kids can use it without being able to…

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