Zaphat announced by Zappar may change the face of augmented reality


Technology company to launch new augmented reality products Zappar, a leading developer of augmented reality software, has announced the launch of Zaphat. Zaphat aims to combine the physical world with the digital through a series of branded hats. Each hat features a Zappar brand, which contains digital content. This content can be accessed through the use of the Zappar mobile application. Zaphat will be features at the MAGIC Marketplace event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Zappar will show off the capabilities of its new product. Zaphat allows consumers to wear…

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New Look launches augmented reality marketing campaign

Virtual Fashion Show Video

Augmented reality campaign aims to connect with tech-savvy fashion lovers Augmented reality and fashion have grown closer together in recent months. The technology has enabled designers to show off their creations in a new way. It has also enabled consumers to take part in digital fashion shows and try on virtual clothing. New Look, a leading fashion brand in the United Kingdom, has launched a new advertising campaign that seeks to leverage the interactive power of augmented reality. The brand believes that the campaign will be a hit with consumers…

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ARworks creates virtual fashion show for Vodafone

virtual fashion show wearable tech

Augmented reality and fashion join forces once again Telecommunications company Vodafone has teamed with ARworks, a developer of augmented reality applications, to bring new technology to its upcoming fashion show. ARworks has developed an experience for Vodafone built upon the JUNAIO augmented reality platform. Augmented reality is becoming more popular in the world of fashion, especially for designers who are looking for a new medium through which to show off their talent. Consumers have taken a liking to augmented reality because of the interactive experience it provides. Augmented reality fashion…

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Online clothing giant Mr Porter launches augmented reality treasure hunt to celebrate first anniversary

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Mr Porter, an expansive online clothing retailer, has launched a new campaign to celebrate its first anniversary. The company will kick off an interactive treasure hunt later this month to mark the occasion. The hunt will span five cities around the world. These cities will be Sydney, New York City, London and Hong Kong. What makes the treasure hunt interactive is its use of augmented reality. Using the Goldrun application, participants will be able to track down digital clues that could help them win prizes from Mr Porter. The application…

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Fashion industry opens its arms to augmented reality

Hugo Boss Store front

The fashion world is beginning to welcome augmented reality with open arms. The popular fashion retail store Hugo Boss in Britain has erected a 26-foot media wall that acts as a virtual dressing room. The store, which is only a month old, has also launched a website that will serve the same purpose. The move is inspired by a fashion show that was held in Beijing in April, which featured models accompanied by virtual counterparts as they trekked the catwalk. While Hugo Boss amazes shoppers with its new virtual dressing…

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