Augmented reality brings children’s books to life

augmented reality book cover

Education and augmented reality continue to mingle Augmented reality continues to generate traction as an education tool. This week, Edutainment Systems, a developer of interactive technologies, has announced that its new augmented reality service is ready and available to the public. The company’s Digital Book App service is designed to leverage the power of augmented reality to make reading more engaging for students. Currently, the service is meant to appeal most to young students and works well with books that have strong artistic elements. New service designed to bring books…

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Augmented reality as a tool for teachers

augmented reality teacher tool

Augmented reality sees more traction in education Adoption of new technology is slower in some sectors than it is in others. Augmented reality has highlighted this fact effectively over the several years of its existence. While the technology has been received readily in the entertainment field, it has seen only modest interest in other sectors until very recently. Now, augmented reality is gaining strong traction in every sector where mobile technology has a role to play. Most recently, the technology has been growing more popular in the education field. Spanish…

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Education and the possibilities of augmented reality

Augmented Reality Learning Tools

Augmented reality could change education in the future Augmented reality may have promising implications for the world of education. The technology is most commonly seen in entertainment and marketing, but it has been gaining attention in other, more pragmatic fields recently. Consumers have shown that they have a strong interest in augmented reality; an interest that is most apparent among younger consumers that have grown up during the advent of mobile technology. Because of the interest that young people are showing toward the technology, its uses in education are beginning…

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Augmented reality education in Canada


Augmented reality education gaining ground Augmented reality has gotten a lot of attention recently for its uses in gaming and entertainment. The technology is often used to provide consumers with engaging experiences that are meant to focus their interests around certain products or activities. Indeed, this is one of the major features of augmented reality that has proven attractive to technology companies like Google. Augmented reality has more practical uses, however, as exhibited by students at the Calgary Science School in Alberta, Canada. These students are drawing more attention to…

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Augmented reality gaining more notice as an educational tool

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Society becoming more attuned to technology Given established and emerging trends around the world, it is becoming more apparent that society is growing more attuned to technology. Newer generations are coming into the world already immersed with various forms of technology, all of which are vying for their attention. As technology becomes more enthralling, the concept of education is changing. Many educators believe that by adopting technology they can provide students with a more fulfilling learning experience. As such, many have begun making use of augmented reality, which is quickly…

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