Augmented reality contact lenses worn by people this week

Augmented Reality contect lens (not actual device)

CES will represent the first time that the public will see AR contacts on actual humans. With a true science fiction feel to the technology, human ready augmented reality contact lenses will be worn at CES, which is running from Tuesday through Friday, this week, and will represent an important leap forward for the tech. AR tech has been seen in a growing number of forms from windshields to various kinds of glasses and wearables. These augmented reality contact lenses are the latest in this development that would give a…

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Augmented reality contact lenses may be in the not too distant future

  Curved LCD technology may be opening up a whole new world of technology Augmented reality, combined with the latest in curved LCD technology, may be bringing concepts that had previously been available only in science fiction into reality. This is the idea of combining a head up display with contact lenses for a whole new level of gadget. This could become possible as a result of the latest announcement from the Centre of Microsystems Technology, which has said that curved LCD has now been successfully embedded onto a contact…

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iOptik hints at the future of augmented reality

Augmented Reality contact lens

Technology beginning to expand beyond the mobile space Augmented reality has caused quite a stir in the technology world. The technology has all but changed the way people interact with their environment, a fact that has garnered the technology a great deal of attention from consumers and businesses alike. With demand on the rise, augmented reality has seen several advances that make it more intuitive and powerful. These advances are beginning to change what the future may hold for the technology, pushing it beyond the realm of smart phones and…

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AR glasses are not good enough, may take years to produce practical hardware for the technology

Augmented Reality Glasses Sample

Augmented reality technology may have come a long way, but the hardware associated with it is beginning to fall behind. AR is a growing craze in the mobile realm, but the technology is often used as a gimmick for games or other forms of fleeting entertainment. Smart phones can be used as an augmented reality visor of sorts, but holding a phone up for extended periods of time to get a glimpse of a digital display can be cumbersome. Eyewear, such as glasses and contact lenses, however, can unlock the…

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