Augmented reality car design techniques among Ford’s latest strategies

microsoft hololens augmented reality car

The automaker is using Microsoft’s HoloLens as a part of its process for creating future models. Ford has joined a growing number of companies using Microsoft’s HoloLens, in this case as an augmented reality car designing tool. The AR headset has been taking gradual steps into the commercial market in 2017. Ford is joined by NASA, Lowe’s, Volkswagen, Volvo and Audi among others testing the HoloLens. In actuality, Ford has been using the Microsoft HoloLens headset for a while now. It recently completed an initial pilot testing phase. Now, it…

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Mercedes-Benz magazine gets augmented reality makeover

Augmented Reality car

Augmented reality coming to Mercedes-Benz magazine The magazine business is one of the few sectors of the print industry that has fared relatively well in the wake of mobile technology. Magazines continue to prove very popular among consumers and those that have lost their popularity have regained it with the introduction of digital editions. In many cases, digital editions have saved magazines from collapsing, enabling them to continue running in print. The Mercedes-Benz magazine is soon to receive a digital makeover that will make it significantly more interactive than its…

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Augmented reality offers some fascinating options for the future

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

Some of the predictions have included AR windshields and other futuristic sounding options. The nature of augmented reality has sparked the imaginations of some very creative individuals around the world, and has already allowed for the development of printed books that come to life through the screen of a tablet, print ads that include videos through smartphones, and video games that appear to play out in the real world. Now, many are wondering what the technology will be bringing us over the next few years. One of the most popular…

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