M-commerce service launched by Taiwan Mobile

M-Commerce growth

The second largest telecom operator in the country has now started a new smartphone shopping service. Taiwan Mobile Co. the second largest telecom operator in that nation, has just announced the launch of a brand new m-commerce service that will plunge it into the rapidly growing and evolving shopping industry for mobile in that country. This will give consumers a new opportunity to purchase products over their smartphones and tablets. Using the new m-commerce service, will, according to Taiwan Mobile, give consumers the ability to find the products they like,…

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M-commerce channel led by China and South Korea

mobile commerce asia pacific

The Asia Pacific marketplace is leading the entire world in its smartphone shopping. According to a recent report, the importance of m-commerce is steadily growing across the Asia Pacific region, to the point that the world is being led by that part of the globe in smartphone shopping. The report was based on a study that examined the way countries in that area use the channel. It determined that 55 percent of online shoppers in China had already made at least one purchase over m-commerce during the last quarter of…

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