More tech giants to run data centers using artificial intelligence

Data centers - Computers and Servers

Microsoft and Meta are both heading in that direction, while Google has already been doing so. Microsoft has announced that it is developing a new artificial intelligence system that will conduct an analysis of its data centers to enhance safety. The tech giants have been exploring AI to help keep the risk of safety issues low. Data centers drive websites, applications and services used by billions of people every day. That said, they can become hazardous for the individuals who both construct and maintain them. Among several risks is the…

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Creepy AI robot named Ai-Da learns to paint

AI Robot - Image of robot painting

The creators of the technology have worked to let it paint in a capable, humanoid way. Ai-Da has become the first AI robot that has not only been created to look humanoid (still often called creepy, despite its realism), but also to paint in a way that could be considered artistic. While the creators worked hard to make it a highly capable robotic artist, that wasn’t the main point. The goal of the AI robot, according to those creators, is to draw society’s attention to the development of robotics and…

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The difference Siri has made to our interaction with computers

Augmented reality mobile marketing

Siri, the new voice recognition technology from Apple, has resulted in a significant fundamental change in the way we interact with digital devices such as computers, as well as with each other, to a certain extent. Apple, under Eric Schmidt, has recognized that there will soon be a time when we will no longer need to type things into a query box and search through a long line of results that potentially contain what is sought. Technology like Siri will also help to ensure that computer users won’t need to…

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