Augmented reality for vehicle safety

augmented reality in cars

Augmented reality gaining traction in the auto industry Augmented reality is a dynamic technology with vast potential. The technology is most often used in marketing and entertainment, providing consumers with access to digital content that can be superimposed over the real world. Consumers have praised augmented reality for the engagement it can offer and this has encouraged marketers and those in the entertainment industry to put more focus on the technology. Augmented reality can be used for much more, however, and may soon become one of the best safety features…

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Augmented reality contact lenses may be in the not too distant future

  Curved LCD technology may be opening up a whole new world of technology Augmented reality, combined with the latest in curved LCD technology, may be bringing concepts that had previously been available only in science fiction into reality. This is the idea of combining a head up display with contact lenses for a whole new level of gadget. This could become possible as a result of the latest announcement from the Centre of Microsystems Technology, which has said that curved LCD has now been successfully embedded onto a contact…

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Microsoft shows off their new augmented reality mirror called Holoflector

Holoflector Demo

Microsoft is currently working on a new type of augmented reality system that could change the way people see themselves. The famed technology company showed off a series of prototypes this week at the Microsoft TechForum event in Redmond, Washington, for their new augmented reality mirror called the “Holoflector.” While the name may sound a little corny, the technology behind the system is the true star. Microsoft claims that their system is one of the most advanced AR systems and was eager to show off how it worked. The Holoflector…

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Vuzix Corp. posts losses for second quarter, notes strong sales in defense industry

Augmented Reality Video Eyewear

Vuzix Corp., a manufacturer of video eyewear and other personal display devices, has released a report of their earnings for the second quarter of this year. The company is well known for its use of augmented reality technology that is most often used in the security sector. Despite growth in sales to several defense organizations throughout the world, the company has posted losses for the second quarter. While loss rarely bodes well for any company, executives note that their losses are becoming smaller as time goes on. The company posted…

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