See Johannes Vermeer’s paintings with new Vermeer augmented reality app

Vermeer augmented reality app - Vermeeer Painting - The Milkmaid

Those who want to see Vermeer’s famous paintings don’t have to travel the world to do it. The Mauritshuis museum has teamed up with Google Arts & Culture in Paris to develop a Vermeer augmented reality app. The AR app creates a virtual museum that features all the artists’ works, including what is arguably his best (and most well-known masterpiece), “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” which is on display at the Maurithuis. Museums from around the world have contributed images of the Dutch artist’s famed work. Only 36 paintings are…

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China’s Terracotta Army comes to life in Singapore

China’s Terracotta Army Augmented Reality

The famed Terracotta Warriors have stood as silent sentries in China’s Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor for hundreds of years. The army of statues, numbering in the thousands, is testament of the forces the first emperor of China had at his command. They have been the subject of intrigue from scholars all over the world and countless visitors to China have been cowed by the stoicism of the stone army. Now the soldiers are coming to life with the help of mobile technology. The Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM) of…

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