Augmented reality train window lets travelers choose their view

Scenery changes are up to the passenger as they decide on their own preferred landscapes Augmented reality may soon be changing the view outside train windows after a Japanese audiovisual collective called Salad came up with a design to give travelers their choice of landscape. The highly advanced AR technology project was entitled “Touch the Train Window”. In order to create the augmented reality options, the Salad team used an Xbox 360 Kinect, in combination with an iPhone, a GPS sensor, a projector, and a large variety of different openFrameworks…

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Pioneer unveils new augmented reality heads-up-display that can enhance driving and give consumers a chance to test drive digital vehicles

Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing and augmented reality is getting a lot of attention. Several technology developers have been showing off their latest products at the event, some of which are claimed to be taking augmented reality to a new level. Pioneer, a developer of mobile AR applications, has unveiled a new heads-up-display (HUD) system that uses the technology to help people test drive vehicles digitally. The system is scheduled to debut in Japan within the next few months. Tentatively dubbed AR Display, the HUD sends consumers…

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