Apple Watch heart study sells wearable tech to seniors for only $49

Apple Watch Study - Apple Watch

The tech giant is partnering with Johnson & Johnson to research atrial fibrillation. A new Apple Watch study with pharma giant Johnson & Johnson is examining the device’s capacity to detect a heart rhythm abnormality in seniors. Seniors assigned the wearable technology for the research are able to buy it at Best Buy for $49. This will become one of the biggest randomized digital health studies that has ever been conducted. The Apple Watch study is also another example of a pharmaceutical company and technology company partnering with a retailer.…

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Apple Watch launch at Spring Forward event finally reveals details and dates

apple watch

The long awaited release of the smartwatch has finally arrived and it won’t be long before pre-ordering can start. Finally, after having waited through the announcements about the progress of the company’s mobile wallet, the new MacBook, and even a rather exciting trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones (which will be available through Apple TV’s addition of HBO), the Apple Watch was released, both in terms of its details and its purchasing dates. The “newest addition to the Apple family” was brought in with greater details than…

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iWatch plans may be revealed by streak of hiring at Apple

smartwatch new wearable technology

The technology manufacturer is forming a team of senior medical technology execs. Apple has been drawing a considerable amount of attention and speculations as it has started a hiring spree in order to create a team made up of top senior medical technology executives for what many believe will be an important element of the so-called iWatch and other forms of wearable technology that the company may have in the works. This has caused the entire smartwatch and biotechnology community to put itself on alert. Many rumors have been flying…

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Wearable technology has yet to include Apple: could it still dominate?

smartwatch iwatch wearable devices

Despite the fact that it will be a very late entrant, could the iWatch still lead the smartwatch industry? It won’t come as much of a shock when the so called iWatch finally launches Apple into the wearable technology, where its competitors have nearly all started to carve out their own segments of the market. What will have people watching is whether or not Apple waited too long or will have been worth the wait. The wearable technology category is rapidly filling up with different types of products that can…

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Wearable technology: Worn by yesterday’s geeks and today’s trendsetters

augmented reality glasses wearable technology

It wasn’t that long ago – months, in fact – that people were rolling their eyes at Google Glass. It’s not hard to see that wearable technology is still leading the way in terms of tech trends and headlines, with every large event, convention, and trade show featuring these mobile devices above all else. Wristbands, smartwatches, glasses, helmets, gloves, and armbands, among other gadgets, abound. It feels as though every moment brings about a new entry into the wearable technology marketplace. However, these devices have not yet been created equal.…

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