Could a wearable technology app save your life? It did for one man

Apple watch wearable technology app

An apple smartwatch application showed a spike in heart rate which turned out to be a blood clot. The idea of a wearable technology app has become extremely commonplace to the point that many of us don’t think much of them. However, as it turns out, under the right circumstances they have the ability to save a person’s life. This was what happened when a man names James Green had his life saved by his Apple smartwatch. James Green, an American man living in New York, formerly employed with MTV,…

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Can a smartwatch be used to start a car? Yup!

Apple Watch smartwatch Close-up Details wearable technology growth

The Apple Watch can now be used, along with an app, in order to start the Tesla Model S. A smartwatch app for the Apple Watch has now been created in order to integrate the “Summon” feature from Tesla, making it possible for users of this wearable technology to remotely start a Model S, as well as automatically back it into and out of a garage. Tesla’s Summon feature is one that was worked into the most recent software update for several remote features. While it was originally created to…

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eBay unveils new Apple Watch app

Apple Watch wearable technology

The online marketplace has also announced that it has updated its mobile application search function. eBay has recently announced its latest move into the mobile ecosystem, with the unveiling of a new Apple Watch app as well as a range of updates that will apply to its iOS and Android based smartphone and tablet applications. The new smartwatch app is designed to provide wearers with handy overviews of their account. In this way, the Apple Watch app is meant to provide the owners of this wearable technology with notifications, and…

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Apple Watch app from Shazam is getting ready to launch

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

The music recognition application is getting ready to unveil its wearable technology friendly version. Shazam, the exceptionally popular music recognition application, is now preparing for the release of an Apple Watch app version of its service that could help to give another great shot in the arm for music discovery. This could mean an important expansion of this type of application in the wearable technology category. The release date for the smartwatch is April 24 and the Apple Watch app library will be relatively small at that time, as there…

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Amazon is developing an Apple Watch app for shopping

amazon mobile commerce technology news apple watch app

The massive online marketplace is reportedly creating a new application for the smartwatch to boost its m-commerce. Reports have been flying around the internet with claims that is currently developing an Apple Watch app that will allow the first owners of the upcoming smartwatches to be able to shop over m-commerce by way of their wearable technology. Though the Apple smartwatch has not yet arrived on the market shelves, a number of applications are already lined up. Amazon has already released a mobile commerce app for Android Wear based…

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