Apple begins approaching augmented reality

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Acquisition could have implications for Apple’s interest in AR Apple may have taken a major step toward augmented reality with its most recent acquisition. The technology giant has successfully finalized a deal to acquire PrimeSense, a developer of 3D motion detection technology based in Israel. Apple has issued a standard statement concerning the acquisition, noting that it does purchase smaller companies from time to time but does not comment on the purpose behind such acquisitions or what such deals could mean for the future. Apple and AR are not strangers…

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Televisions Are Old News, Mobile is Taking Over

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By most accounts, more people will access the web via mobile device than a computer by the end of 2014. But what most reports don’t tell you (at least not yet) is that more people are getting TV shows and movies from mobile devices, as well. Even companies like Direct TV are getting into the mobile act! Hulu Doubles Paid Subscribers, Adds Unique Shows Hulu doubled paid subscribers in 2012, from 1.5 million at the end of 2011 to 3 million at the end of 2012. 2013 looks promising, with…

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NFC technology could lead to more control over electronics

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Apple continues to show interest in NFC technology It is no secret that technology giant Apple has taken an acute interest in NFC technology. Though the company’s interest in the technology may be common knowledge, the exact details concerning its use of the technology are often shrouded in secrecy. A new patent application filed by Apple sheds some light on how the company plans to use NFC technology in the future to some degree. The patent suggests that Apple is working on creating systems, methods, and devices that can lead…

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Apple TV may not feature mobile payment system, according to J.P. Morgan

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Analysts expect iPay system to be absent from Apple TV Technology giant Apple announced late last year development plans for a new project dubbed Apple TV. The project was meant to revolutionize the television industry by introducing new technology that could open up untapped revenue streams. The Apple TV is meant to include NFC technology, which will allow it to accept mobile payments as well as provide owners with access to digital content. Speculation suggests that that Apple has plans to launch a new mobile payment platform called “iPay” alongside…

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