iPhone 8 may see late release due to fingerprint reader production problems

fingerprint scanner iPhone 8

Cowen and Company of Wall Street reported that the scanner tech is to blame for the smartphone’s delay. Wall Street firm, Cowen and Company, issued note to investors saying the iPhone 8 release will be delayed. It pointed to production issues regarding the fingerprint reader to explain the delay. That same issue has been reported by a number of other Apple followers and media outlets. Fans of Apple products expected the iPhone 8 to launch in September as has been the tradition for the company. This was likely to have…

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iPhone 7 leak proves accurate with few surprises at Apple Event

Apple iPhone X

Following a massive unauthorized reveal several days ahead of the event, additional leaks only made it worse. Yesterday’s Apple Event showed us many new things; primarily that the iPhone 7 leak was accurate. All the device specs were revealed days ahead of the event which was meant to be the first unveiling. That said, even if the main leaks hadn’t happened, two more only sealed the deal – one from Apple itself. A range of different mistakes led much of the iPhone 7 specs to be revealed ahead of schedule.…

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The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are now for sale

apple pay iphone 6s smartphone battery

On Friday, the latest Apple smartphones made their way onto store shelves around the world. As of Friday, the newest Apple smartphones, the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus have become available to consumers and it is expected that the sales that took place over the weekend will likely have been record breakers. As is the tradition during the release of Apple mobile devices, people flocked to its retail stores, worldwide. Among the most notable additions to the iPhone 6S smartphones are the improved camera as well as a 3D…

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iPhone 6 problems continue as devices bend easily

iphone 6 plus bend

Tight pockets and subjecting the Apple smartphone to force can distort the shape of the device. The iPhone 6 has already sold out in many stores across the United States, showing that the Apple smartphone is exceptionally popular and desirable, but some of those who have managed to get their hands on the device are discovering that there is a downside that is taking away from the joy of ownership. Millions of these mobile devices have already sold since their release earlier this month. While the iPhone 6 remains a…

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iPhone 6 may be unveiled at September 9 event

iphone5 mobile devices thinking about iPhone 6

Apple has revealed that it will be holding an event on that date but has said nothing about a smartphone or smartwatch. In the tradition of Apple event announcements, the company has revealed that it will be holding an important gathering on September 9, and while most in the tech industry are assuming that this will be the time in which the company unveils its next smartphone, the iPhone 6, there has not been any official confirmation of that speculation. Some are also guessing that this could be the chance…

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