Apple mobile payments is finally taking off and making a difference

Apple mobile payments - Apple Pay

Some firms are speculating that the acceptance of this tech could permanently change the face of retail. Apple mobile payments have been struggling to take off and have not met the performance expectations of many people in the commerce and tech industries alike. That said, it does appear as though Apple Pay is finally taking hold and now that it has, it’s rapidly gaining strength. Mobile wallets were only a concept only a few years ago, and many wondered what Apple would contribute. As the iPhone maker aimed to diversify…

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Mobile wallet transactions have doubled at Walgreens thanks to Apple Pay

Apple Pay Logo nfc technology mobile wallet

The iPhone based payments service has accounted for half of all of the tap to pay purchases made at McDonald’s. Despite a great deal of controversy that was made in some of the largest retailers across the country, the Apple Pay mobile wallet has still kept its position in a number of retail stores in the United States since it was first launched on October, 20, but there has yet to be any real evidence as to whether or not it should be considered to be a success. Recent figures…

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