Google announces mobile marketing tracking overhaul for Android

The tech giant intends to completely change its ad targeting, though not for a couple of years. Google has announced that it will be altering its mobile marketing tracking on the Android operating system which runs on billions of devices worldwide. The move is a response to a privacy issue that its top rival Apple has already addressed in iOS. The mobile marketing move has already been made be Apple, which made a similar shift for its iPhones. This strategy to alter ad tracking is the result of rising pressure…

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Mobile marketing is most powerful in iPhone and iPad

mobile marketing guide

Apple iOS devices are leading the way in terms of smartphone and tablet advertising. According to the results of a recent study, as published in a Millennial Media report, iPhone and iPad are the undisputed leaders in mobile marketing ad impressions and the next runners up don’t even come near the results that iOS based devices are achieving. This is striking as Apple’s devices are no longer the dominant operating systems in terms of the number of users. Though Android based devices have the largest number of total users, it…

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Mobile marketing data shows Apple device users have greater loyalty

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

A recent survey has shown that Android device users are less likely to come back. When it comes to mobile marketing, one of the largest issues that is gaining the focus of the industry is in consumer loyalty to the brands that they use, and whether or not there are trends based on the operating systems that are being used by those shoppers. A recent study has shown that there is a difference between the loyalty of Apple and Android users. Companies are striving to achieve brand loyalty, which starts…

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Mobile marketing in-app purchase label created by Apple

Apple mobile payments

As freeware applications increase in popularity, the opportunities for shopping are also rising. As iOS developers increase the number of freeware applications that are available to Apple device users, it has encouraged that manufacturer to create its own mobile marketing label for in-app purchases in order to keep up with the rapidly rising deployment of opportunities of that nature. The dynamics of the App Store have been consistently changing because of this trend. Therefore, Apple has responded by making mobile marketing more transparent, when in-app purchases are present within an…

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The latest mobile marketing trends for 2012


From geogargeting to a barcode scanning app, mobile commerce is getting wider and more creative. Smartphones are a part of the daily lives of half of all cell phone owners in the United States, and are also rapidly increasing their penetration around the world, so it only makes sense that mobile commerce should be taking off at an equally significant rate, and that it should be implemented in a broad range of new ways in order to keep up with the latest trends. Mobile marketing has opened up a wide…

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