Apple launches WeChat mobile commerce store

Mobile commerce - WeChat and Apple

The iPhone maker has announced that it has opened a shop on Tencent’s messaging app in China. Apple recently announced that it has launched a new mobile commerce store in China on Tencent’s WeChat messaging app. This is the latest step the iPhone maker has taken to expand its retail channels in the country. China’s massive market represents a tremendous opportunity for Apple, which is making a number of moves to make itself more present in the country. The iPhone giant is using mobile commerce as its latest strategy to…

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Apple App Store customers spend $1.4 billion in one week

Apple App Store - App Store on Mobile

iOS device owners brought 2019 to an extremely successful week in terms of application shopping. Apple App Store customers spent a massive $1.42 billion on applications on the week starting on Christmas Eve and ending on New Year’s Eve. This spend represents a tremendous 16 percent hike over the amount spent in the same week in 2018. The Apple App Store figures were shared by Apple this week. It also pointed out that on New Year’s Day alone, it broke its own single day sales records by bringing in $386…

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Mcommerce purchases are primarily generated through iOS devices

iphone mcommerce

A report has just been released that shows that Apple smartphones are responsible for 68 percent of mobile sales. According to the results of research performed by Unbound Commerce, iPhones account for 68 percent of mcommerce sales, while Android smartphones make up an additional 31.4 percent of those sales. The analysis used data gleaned from a number of retailers in order to make this determination. Among the various companies that participated in this mcommerce study were: HauteLook, e.l.f cosmetics, Inc., and Inc. They shared their internal analytics data…

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iPhone 5 mobile wallet based on Apple Passbook

Mobile Commerce Apple Passbook mobile wallet

  This new feature skips the NFC chip and uses barcodes, instead. The iPhone 5 release is being seen as yet another Apple success and although the technology manufacturer has turned up its nose at near field communication it has still taken an important step forward in mobile commerce. Instead of NFC, it has opted to create its own type of virtual mobile wallet. These new devices feature faster wireless technology and a larger screen with better overall performance, but they also have the latest Apple iOS 6 operating system,…

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