Apple lawsuit filed by customers with slowed iPhones

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Smartphone owners with models owner than the iPhone 8 are experiencing a deliberate slowdown. Many iPhone owners are not thrilled with their device maker and two separate versions of a class action Apple lawsuit have been filed. These legal actions were taken by a total of five iPhone owners who didn’t appreciate their slow smartphones. Apple had deliberately slowed the processors of devices with older batteries in order to preserve them. The Apple lawsuit isn’t over something that the iPhone maker denies doing. In fact, Apple openly admits to slowing…

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Mobile technology war continues between Apple and Samsung

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The battle for the product ban continues despite the fact that a federal judge has ruled to the contrary. Even though a ruling made by a federal judge has stated that the mobile technology product infringements by Samsung should not ban that company from producing them, Apple still feels differently and is escalating its efforts to try to block that competitor from continuing with those offerings. Apple believes that the infringing products being sold by Samsung should be banned from now on. According to a mobile technology report made in…

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Apple versus Samsung suit is riddled with hidden battles

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The top tech industry legal battle is currently underway in a Silicon Valley federal court, as Apple attempts to halt Samsung from being able to sell its Galaxy tablet computers and smartphones within the United States. The suit was filed by Apple back in April 2011, and claims that Samsung “slavishly” took Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs and used them. Though the entire world is interested in the outcome of this case, the proceedings have primarily gone on behind closed doors, with the majority of the court papers being sealed…

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Apple faces iPhone lawsuit from 27,000 South Koreans over privacy issues

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Approximately 27,000 iPhone using people in South Korea are taking part in a class-action lawsuit in a local court against the mobile device’s manufacturer, Apple. The lawsuit states that because the iPhone collects and stores information about the user’s location without his or her express consent, Apple is invading the user’s privacy. According to a filing by the firm representing the plaintiffs, Mirae Law, the lawsuit was filed against the South Korean division of Apple, as well as its headquarters, and is seeking damages of 1 million South Korean won…

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