Apple begins approaching augmented reality

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Acquisition could have implications for Apple’s interest in AR Apple may have taken a major step toward augmented reality with its most recent acquisition. The technology giant has successfully finalized a deal to acquire PrimeSense, a developer of 3D motion detection technology based in Israel. Apple has issued a standard statement concerning the acquisition, noting that it does purchase smaller companies from time to time but does not comment on the purpose behind such acquisitions or what such deals could mean for the future. Apple and AR are not strangers…

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Augmented reality system detailed in new Apple patent

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Apple wins patent for head-mounted augmented reality system Apple has won a patent form the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the development of a head-mounted augmented reality system. Thus far, Google has been the biggest name in the head-mount augmented reality arena. The company has been flaunting the uses of its ambitious Project Glass system, taking every opportunity to show off its high-tech capabilities. Apple will soon enter into the augmented reality battlefield with its own head-mounted product, which may end up being more sophisticated than its competitor. System…

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