T-Mobile is selling consumer app data to advertising companies

App data - T-Mobile Store

The company uses network-level tools for tracking applications people are using on their phones. T-Mobile has a reputation for being rather loose with the online and app data collected from consumers and now it has placed its intentions to keep it up right out in the open. The company has launched a new ad platform that is called T-Mobile Advertising Solutions. T-Mobile Advertising Solutions comes with a business model that aggregates customer app data such as usage patterns, and then sells that information to advertisers. The program’s specifics aren’t entirely…

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Twitter to begin tracking mobile apps of its users

Twitter Canada Mobile apps marketing

The social network is going to start monitoring the other third party applications installed on a user’s smartphone or tablet. According to an announcement that was made by Twitter Inc, that social network company is going to start tracking the other third party mobile apps that are installed on the smartphones and tablets of its users, in order to be able to provide those people with more tailored content, which includes advertisements. This new component of the Twitter application is going to be called the “app graph” to see more…

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