Mobile Application Development RFP: How to make a mobile app?

Are you someone who wants to know more about mobile app development RFP? Do you want to know how to fill out a mobile app development RFP brief? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for. How to make a mobile app? If you are someone who is thinking about launching their mobile app, you must keep a few things in mind. Usually, when people know how to write an application and they have enough…

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Understanding Software Development

what is Software Development

Understanding software development begins by understanding what software is. Software is defined as a set of instructions and programs, independent of hardware, that command the functions and actions of computers.  There are four main types of software and they include:  System software: These provide primary functions like disk management, operating systems, hardware management, utilities and other necessary functions for computer operation.  Programming software: These are software used by developers to code. They provide them with tools such as text editors, linkers, compilers and debuggers, among others.  Application software: These refer…

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Mobile app development taught to female students on Women’s Day

Mobile app development international women's day

Startup Village initiative in India took the opportunity to give these participants an entry into a new career. A new mobile app development initiative in India took the opportunity presented to them through the recognition of International Women’s Day to provide about 40 female students with the chance to take part in a workshop that could help them to jumpstart their careers. This was organized by Startup Village with the assistance of the Indian Women Network (IWN) of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The participants in the workshop were…

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Mobile app development benefits from WWE

Mobile App development

When it comes to mobile marketing of applications, this organization is getting the job done. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization may not be the most obvious source of important marketing lessons for mobile app development firms, it remains a brand that has done an exceptional job at using smartphones, tablets, and social media to their very fullest. The lessons that can be learned by mobile marketing firms and application developers are surprising. This professional wrestling organization has turned itself into a master of mobile marketing, to the point that…

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Mobile app market shows popularity in surprising areas

mobile app market confusion

Although mobile app development may be for specific regions they can still rank highly where they are not served. The mobile app market can be a confusing place, and this trend has taken a new step up as applications have started showing up as having high ranks even in areas that they do not serve. This situation has been observed in on-demand ridesharing, black car, and taxi services. These applications, from companies such as Uber and Lyft, have been seeing extremely rapid growth in countries and cities around the world.…

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