Apple App Store removes applications made in Iran due to U.S. sanctions

Apple app store

The iPhone maker issued a letter to Iranian developers informing them that their offerings have been cut. The Apple App Store has removed iOS applications made in Iran. The iPhone maker made this move in order to follow U.S. government sanctions against the Middle Eastern country. According to Iranian app developers, they received letters informing them of the action, but no warning. Dozens of developers said they were informed that the Apple App Store removed their applications. They were notified as it happened but were not warned in advance at…

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Mobile app development benefits from WWE

Mobile App development

When it comes to mobile marketing of applications, this organization is getting the job done. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization may not be the most obvious source of important marketing lessons for mobile app development firms, it remains a brand that has done an exceptional job at using smartphones, tablets, and social media to their very fullest. The lessons that can be learned by mobile marketing firms and application developers are surprising. This professional wrestling organization has turned itself into a master of mobile marketing, to the point that…

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New “Look” app features Sarah Jessica Parker for movie promo and fashion sales

Sarah Jessica Parker App

After playing trendsetter “Carrie Bradshaw” for so many years, Sarah Jessica Parker is known for starting the latest fashions and is now being featured in a new app that is not only designed to promote her latest film, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” but also offers users the opportunity to purchase styles associated with the actress. The app, developed by Skyrockit – the maker of the hit Zippo lighter app – also allows users to view profiles of the cast members of this most recent Weinstein Company film,…

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