Google continues to rock the mobile technology world with update to Android OS

Android mobile commerce

New Android update is dubbed “L” Google recently unveiled the latest version of its Android operating system, highlighting the new version’s various features. The latest version of Android is called “L” and is meant to make the Android platform more competitive with other mobile operating systems that are also receiving major upgrades. Notably, L features new functionality that makes it less energy intensive and more engaging for consumers that have come to rely heavily on mobile technology in their daily lives. L features BLE Peripheral Mode to better connect with…

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Google I/O places focus on cars, TVs, and wearable technology

Google I/O mobile sites

It is clear that the company is looking beyond smartphones to smartwatches and other mobile technology. The Google I/O was closely watched, yesterday, as the technology giant revealed some of its latest developments and goals, including its intention to spread outwards from the more “traditional” mobile, such as smartphones, into a range of new markets. The keynotes, while interrupted by two protestors, revealed considerable details for developers. For example, at the Google I/O, the spotlight was placed on the Android software that would be making its way into cars, televisions…

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