Most device users don’t use the auto-rotate function

Auto-rotate function - person using Android Phone

A recent survey by Android Authority found that the option is slipping from use. Auto-rotate was once one of the most commonly used and appreciated features that came with Android-based smartphones. That said, this feature appears to have dropped in popularity as device users now report that they typically shut the feature off. Some smartphone users reported turning it off from the moment they set up their new devices. Android phones now have a other intuitive options that make it easier for users to choose when they would like to…

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Mobile technology milestone achieved by Android

iphone or android mobile phone subsidies

The Google smartphone and tablet platform has now reached 1 billion active users. The recent Google I/O conference contained a massive number of exciting announcements to hit the mobile technology world, but among the largest was certainly the discovery that there are now more than 1 billion Android device users. This announcement took many aback, even amongst all of the new product and service unveilings. The Google I/O saw a number of new products and services being announced, which drew considerable attention to the company, which is clearly branching out…

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