Smartphone privacy called into question as Android phones track owners that opted-out

Smartphone privacy - Mobile data privacy

According to a new paper from Trinity College in Dublin, data sharing habits aren’t what they claim to be. A new report is calling smartphone privacy into question as researchers from Trinity College in Dublin showed that even when users opt out of tracking, devices are still riddled with unwanted trackers. Even savvy users who have avoided sketchy apps and have followed privacy guides aren’t immune. The smartphone privacy paper examined the data sharing habits of some of the popular app versions on Android, including those developed by Samsung, Huawei…

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Samsung gives the nod to new mobile web browser with ad blocking

Samsung phones green Galaxy S6 edge mobile web browser

The consumer electronics giant’s devices running on Android will now be able to block advertising. The next default mobile web browser that will be added to the Samsung smartphones running on the Android operating system will now make it possible for users to be able to install extensions that function as ad blockers. This step is similar to one that was taken by Apple in September 2015, when Safari started allowing ad-blockers. The ad blocking extensions for the default Samsung mobile web browser will be quite similar in that they…

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Smartphone market sees over 300 million device shipments in second quarter

android smartphone market

Figures show that the lead held by Android is continuing to grow within this competitive marketplace. According to some of the most recent IDC reports, the mobile device shipments in the smartphone market during the second quarter of 2014 reached a record breaking 301.3 million. These sales figures were given a considerable boost by the Android based devices sold for less than $200. At the moment, Android smartphones under that price limit have given the operating system a considerable boost in its popularity. That O.S. now holds 84.7 percent of…

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Mobile marketing has great potential to reach Android users


Users of devices based on this operating system are greatly engaged by their smartphones. In line with the data that was just released through the AppOptox platform of Strategy Analytics, which showed that users of Android smartphones are quite engaged with their devices and spend a great deal of time using them, mobile marketing firms are discovering that this time – because there is quite a bit of it – provides them with an increased potential to reach consumers in a meaningful way. The data has suggested that in May…

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Mobile gadgets strategy from Schmidt includes switching advice

The Google chairman has offered recommendations for Apple customers who want to convert to Android. Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, has left one of his rare posts on his Google+ account, in the form of a recommendation for consumers regarding the way in which they can switch their mobile gadgets from Apple to Android. The post was designed in the form of a comprehensive guide for leaving iOS and its products behind. Within the mobile gadgets switching post, Schmidt explained that “The latest high-end phones […] have better screens,…

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