Android platform is gaining ground as a mobile commerce, advertising platform

Android mobile commerce

Analysts may have outdated perspective of the Android operating system The Android platform is quite popular among consumers, but not necessarily among businesses and large enterprises. Many analysts in the e-commerce, advertising, and software sectors believe that Google’s mobile operating system is too exposed to malicious software and is fragmented by nature. For years, analysts have also suggested that Android consumers spend significantly less money through their mobile devices and these people are not likely to engage in any dynamic marketing. This may no longer be the case. New report…

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Verizon launches augmented reality scavenger hunt to promote their latest smart phone

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

A new mobile app is turning smart phone users into bionic treasure hunters. Verizon Wireless is launching a new augmented reality game that will send people on a virtual scavenger hunt. The company has developed an application, which is only available for the Android platform, which utilizes augmented reality technology to paint the world in a visceral, cybernetic outlook. The campaign is designed to promote the new Droid Bionic, which is scheduled for release on September 8. Leading up to the release of the new smart phone, Verizon is looking…

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Google’s acquisition of Motorola may sour its Android deals

Google News

Google has recently purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion in order to obtain a greater amount of intellectual property; however, experts are wondering if this will make its Android partners feel as though it is more competition and less of an ally. According to Google, the Motorola company will maintain its function as a separate organization. However, other manufacturers of handsets such as HTC and Samsung Electronics may still see this as a form of competitive threat. Analyst Michael Gartenberg from Gartner explained that no matter how Google describes its relationship…

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New QR code app looks promising for all sorts of uses

Mobile App Builder

QR codes are proving themselves to be much more than the marketing tools they were originally perceived as. The codes are now being used as a means for transferring files between mobile devices, a process that has traditionally been restricted to USB cables. Scansfer is a new mobile application that accomplishes what no other QR based app can do. The application has recently entered a new phase of testing and is available for the Android platform. This marks new territory for the codes, but not a new concept. Resume’s and…

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