Smartphone privacy called into question as Android phones track owners that opted-out

Smartphone privacy - Mobile data privacy

According to a new paper from Trinity College in Dublin, data sharing habits aren’t what they claim to be. A new report is calling smartphone privacy into question as researchers from Trinity College in Dublin showed that even when users opt out of tracking, devices are still riddled with unwanted trackers. Even savvy users who have avoided sketchy apps and have followed privacy guides aren’t immune. The smartphone privacy paper examined the data sharing habits of some of the popular app versions on Android, including those developed by Samsung, Huawei…

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Trump’s Android phone security wasn’t tight enough for a president

Donald Trump Tweeting Android phone security

The American president was required to hand over his beloved smartphone to the Secret Service. Ahead of President Trump’s inauguration, he handed his beloved smartphone to the Secret Service due to inadequate Android phone security. The device through which all those controversial tweets have been made has been replaced. Trump is now using an encrypted smartphone with far superior security and Secret Service approval. The president has also been issued a new telephone number. This could have a considerable impact on the way Trump now uses his main mobile device.…

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Mobile security report shows that more Android phones are insured than iPhones

mobile security smartphone kill switch

The study was performed by Ensquared, and shows that devices with Google’s operating system have the most policies. A report that has just been released by Ensquared has shown that in 2012, consumers who owned smartphones based on the Android operating system purchased insurance for greater mobile security on their devices at a rate of four times more than the owners of iPhones. During last year’s final quarter there had been high expectations for the iPhone 5 and its coverage. However, it wasn’t too long after the release of the…

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