Mcommerce Android apps in the U.K. are growing quickly

U.K. Mobile Payments

Shopping and banking applications are increasing in use faster than most others. The latest data from the United Kingdom is showing that the use of banking and mcommerce apps is growing more quickly among Android device users than the use of gaming applications. That said, Facebook and Google are still at the lead of that marketplace, regardless of their nature. Nielsen statistics are showing that among the top 15 major apps that are growing the most rapidly for users of Android devices, seven are related to mcommerce, such as those…

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Mobile commerce focus placed on Android and iOS

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

A survey has shown that there has been a push by developers to focus on those two operating systems. According to a survey that was conducted jointly by IDC and Appcelerator, developers have been maintaining a focus on Android and iOS as the industry continues to take bigger steps into mobile commerce. These two companies are now anticipating a massive explosion of the channel. Based on their survey results, the companies feel that mobile commerce is not only set to take off, but that it will transform the way that…

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Mobile commerce through iPhones has reached a 5 percent share of the marketplace

iphone mobile technology news m-commerce

This notable online shopping portion of website traffic is coming from Apple devices. Mobile commerce is having a surprising impact on the online shopping environment, and iPhones are holding a particularly large position in this evolution. Though this platform has yet to fully come into its own, this certainly doesn’t mean it’s slow. Individuals worldwide are using their smartphones to make purchases through mobile commerce apps and optimized websites. The leading online shopping sites have reported that an average of 3.31 percent of the visits that are made to their…

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