Amazon dumps major mobile commerce “just walk out” in-person shopping feature

Mobile commerce - Amazon feature Cancelled

The online marketplace and tech giant is killing off its feature letting shoppers simply leave grocery stores. Amazon built a tremendous amount of hype around the mobile commerce feature at its in-person grocery stores, which let people “just walk out” and still pay for their purchases. How did the system work? The idea was that people could enter the store and scan their payment method, choose their items, bag them up and simply leave without having to go through a checkout counter. It appears that as hyped as the system…

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Amazon Spark shuts down after two-year flop

Amazon Spark - Amazon logo on mobile phone

The eCommerce giant has sacked its Instagram-like mobile shopping social media platform. Never heard of Amazon Spark? You’re not alone. Spark was offered to only Amazon Prime members, and in its two years of existence, it failed miserably. The main reason? This social media shopping feature was a ghost town. Spark has been removed from both Amazon’s website and app. Amazon Spark, which could once be accessed via the company’s website and app, has been removed. The shopping tool, which was introduced about two years back, was designed to allow…

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Mobile commerce index performance at Barnes & Noble tops the rest

mobile commerce 1 top performance

However, the same ranking system showed that Sears is struggling where the bookstore excelled. Among all of the 30 retailers that are ranked on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, it was Barnes & Noble that led the rest, during the week that ended on February 10. The website of the retailer had an average load time that was a super fast 4.80 seconds. Furthermore, the smartphone friendly website was not only able to load quickly, but it did so successfully 99.78 percent of the time. This, according to the…

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Mobile commerce merchants are moving away from Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Mcommerce

Now many wonder if the will be able to continue long into the future. The latest in mobile commerce in terms of the devices that are leading the way, is that the number of retailers that are selling the Kindle Fire tablet in their bricks and mortar shops is beginning to wither. This could prove detrimental to the holiday shopping season when buyers will be looking to mobile. The most recent among several mass merchants to abandon the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, was Walmart. The reason for this trend…

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Mcommerce scramble being faced by large retailers like Walmart

Walmart m-commerce gadgets exchange

The retail giant is trying to bring itself forward from having fallen far behind in mobile. A recent mcommerce study performed by comScore showed that almost 86 million consumers – translating to four of every owners of a smartphone – had accessed retail websites using that device in July by way of mobile apps. Brick and mortar retailers are finding themselves falling far behind those that have already excelled online. For example, Best Buy and Walmart are finding themselves dragging increasingly further behind the online giants such as eBay and…

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