Elder care service through Amazon Alexa launches

Amazon Alexa - Device

The marketplace and technology giant has now rolled out the first paid service in that space. Amazon Alexa now has an elder care service, representing the first paid service the company has within that space. The service was initially announced by the company back at its fall hardware event. Amazon Alexa’s subscription elder care service is an expansion on the Alexa Care Hub that was already existing. The new service was launched to offer a minimally invasive strategy for using the voice assistant in association with the Echo speakers to…

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Amazon Echo adds option to use Samuel L Jackson’s voice

Amazon Echo - Amazon Device

Google Assistant users aren’t the only ones who can change the default voice on their smart device. Amazon Echo now has a unique new option available for users who would rather listen to Samuel L Jackson than the default voice. The company recently launched its celebrity voice program which will soon include several new sounds. Samuel L Jackson is the first voice being added to the new celebrity voice options for the Amazon Echo. The program was first unveiled in September, so users knew that it was on its way.…

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Smart speakers are in 1 in 5 American homes

Smart Speakers - Amazon Alexa

Over 47 million people in the United States are now using these Internet of Things devices. Americans appear to be more than ready to embrace smart speakers in their homes. In fact, nearly 20 percent of Americans currently use one of these devices. These digital assistants are becoming rapidly more popular with a very healthy growth rate. Voicebot.ai released the report showing that over 47 million Americans are using smart speakers. This data specifically reflected the people who use the devices in their homes. The sales growth rate of these…

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Will Amazon Echo help investigators to solve a murder?

Amazon Alexa Echo

Officials in a current case under investigation have issued a warrant to learn what the device “heard.” The Amazon Echo is making headlines not only because it was the e-commerce giant’s top selling item during the holiday season this year. It may also provide evidence to investigators in a murder case. Bentonville, Arkansas police have issued a warrant to Amazon, requesting the Echo’s data. The investigators are hoping that the Amazon Echo was “listening” at the time of the murder of Victor Collins. Prosecutors would use the connected device’s data…

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