Mobile commerce exploded on Amazon over the holidays

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According to recent data compiled by comScore, smartphones and tablets play a vital role with that online marketplace. This holiday season, mobile commerce played a more important role than ever at Amazon, as shopping over that company’s mobile app increased by more than double when compared to the same time in 2014. Moreover, almost 70 percent of the shoppers heading to Amazon did so using a mobile device. Cyber Monday saw a tremendous spike in mobile commerce activity, at which time 33 electronics items were purchased every second by way…

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Amazon is developing an Apple Watch app for shopping

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The massive online marketplace is reportedly creating a new application for the smartwatch to boost its m-commerce. Reports have been flying around the internet with claims that is currently developing an Apple Watch app that will allow the first owners of the upcoming smartwatches to be able to shop over m-commerce by way of their wearable technology. Though the Apple smartwatch has not yet arrived on the market shelves, a number of applications are already lined up. Amazon has already released a mobile commerce app for Android Wear based…

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Amazon dumps its mobile payments Wallet app

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The massive online marketplace has decided that it won’t be continuing with the service it launched last summer. After only six months, Amazon has decided that it has had enough of its Wallet app and has kicked its mobile payments service to the curb, representing the end of its first attempt to take its first small steps into this arena. The mobile wallet app is now being taken down from both the Amazon and the Google Play app stores. While existing users will still be able to use the mobile…

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