Alipay mobile wallet launches Wuhan merchant recovery effort

Alipay mobile wallet - shops and hotel in China

The top m-payment provider in the world is implementing several local assistance strategies. As Wuhan re-opens after having been the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alipay mobile wallet is moving forward with a number of measures to help local merchants recover. The m-payments giant has 900 million direct customers and is launching new assistance efforts. Alipay mobile wallet is owned and operated by Ant Financial Services Group. It has 900 million direct customers. It recently created a special page on its smartphone app. This page is meant specifically to identify…

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Will facial pay technology be the next stage in mobile payments?

Facial Pay - mobile payments with face ID

Will consumers and businesses be willing to adopt it and how will their privacy be secured? The technology for facial pay already exists. That said, developing a transaction method and encouraging individuals and businesses to use it are entirely different challenges. The tech uses mobile payments that verify transactions using an individual’s own face. The idea behind using facial pay technology is that a person would be able to walk into a store, pick up the desired items, then look into a camera at the checkout area to confirm identification.…

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Mobile payments through Alipay are wildly popular in China

alipay home page snapshot mobile commerce payments

Unlike in North America, where adoption of these transactions has been slow, Alibaba has seen massive Chinese success. Alibaba, the tremendous e- and m-commerce company in China has been watching the success of its affiliated mobile payments service, Alipay, simply taking off throughout the length of 2014. In the first 10 months of this year, the use of Alipay made up 54 percent of all of Alibaba’s transactions. This represented a growth in the use of the mobile payments service of 22 percent when compared to the figures from all…

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Alibaba shows interest in mobile payments from Apple Pay

iOS 8 iphone 6 apple mobile security

The company’s executive chairman, Jack Ma, has expressed his willingness to work with the American company. Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holdings, has now stated that he is open to working with Apple Inc through the use of its mobile payments service called Apple Pay, which recently launched in the United States and has been swimming in controversy ever sense. At the same time as retailers shut down NFC terminals to block Apple Pay, the richest person in China is considering its adoption. This move is part…

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