QR codes used in Xiamen Airport for check-in service

QR Codes check in

This new barcode scan program has just been launched within the international airport . QR codes have taken another boost, now, as Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport has just launched a new mobile online check-in service that uses the two dimensional barcodes as a central element. Passengers who won’t be checking their baggage can use the barcodes to obtain their boarding passes. Air travelers who don’t have any baggage to check can use an online service to check in and select their seats so that they can board the plane. The…

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Atlanta airport implementing QR codes to help with travelers needs

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has announced a new campaign that is aimed at improving passenger’s experience through the use of the latest trend in mobile technology. The airport will begin using QR codes in a number of shops and restaurants located on site. As mobile technology becomes ever more prevalent, the airport is looking to cater to the needs of consumers. Hartsfield-Jackson is boasting of being the first airport to make use of the barcodes. Officials unveiled plans to implement the codes early today. They will be embedded on…

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