Study shows businesses are choosing risks over potential with smartphones

Mobile Commerce News

Ofcom, a Government media regulator, has published the results of their research, which discussed the issue of “smartphone addiction” and its graying of the area between the professional and the private life. The report explained that smartphone use has worked its way into every element of our lives. However, while there were a number of different negative aspects discussed, it also examined a number of mobile trends that open up potential for businesses but that are, for the most part, being greatly underused. Though many large companies have had their…

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Businesses struggle to find their place with mobile marketing initiatives

Mobile Marketers

Though there is no doubt that mobile marketing is on the upsurge, and it is an important way for many companies to reach their customers, many businesses are struggling to design their strategy using the new technology. Mobile is becoming highly recognized as an essential part of a marketing mix, but after having only just adopted the internet over the last few years, they are now finding themselves back at the very start of trying to work with a new technology and having to learn the ropes of the capabilities…

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