Black Friday sales on smartphones total record $2.9 billion

Black Friday sales on smartphones - Shopping on phone

Thanksgiving and the day after both proved to be record breakers for shoppers online and over mobile. Black Friday sales on smartphones took off this year, raking in a tremendous $2.9 billion. This was a sizeable chunk of the total online spending that day, which was also a record breaking $7.4 billion, according to Adobe. That day’s online sales were the second record breakers in a row as Thanksgiving also performed. Thanksgiving brought in a tremendous $4.2 billion in online sales, even before the biggest American purchasing day of the…

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Mobile shopping record broken on Black Friday in US

black friday mobile shopping record

That one day saw an increase of 33 percent in smartphone and tablet based sales in the United States. Adobe released its Black Friday sales figures, revealing that a mobile shopping record was broken this year. With a year over year increase of 33 percent in sales conducted over smartphones and tablets, the United States broke the billion dollar mark that day. In fact, American shoppers spent $1.2 billion over mobile and tablet commerce on Black Friday. That not only broke last year’s mobile shopping record on that day, but…

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QR codes lead to higher spending from consumers

mobile payments - QR codes

Survey shows that QR codes are a powerful mobile commerce tool Adobe has released the results of its latest survey, called “Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey.” The survey highlights the mobile trends that exist among consumers in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Notably, the survey found that QR code use within these countries is on the rise, especially where QR codes are linked to mobile commerce. The codes often face criticism from consumers that believe they are ineffective, but the survey shows that many people may be…

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Functionality of Location-Based Advertising Demonstrated by Adobe

Adobe News mobile shopping

At the Open Mobile Summit that was held on June 9, 2011, the contextual app, a brand new concept for contextual advertising, was brought to light for the first time for use with location-based mobile marketing. This concept was presented by Kevin Lynch, the chief technology officer for Adobe. He showed that not too long from now – in his words “really possible soon” – the user of a mobile device will be able to select from various apps depending on their actual location, what is within a certain proximity,…

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