Americans more confident in mobile payment security than global average

visa mobile payment security iphone

Ninety-four percent of people in the U.S. are comfortable with wallet app security levels. Consumers are placing a growing level of trust in mobile payment security and smartphone based shopping, particularly in the United States. In fact, many consumers expressed greater confidence in their devices than the security of stores themselves. Interestingly, while the United States has not seen rapid adoption rates for mobile wallets, it doesn’t seem to be a lack of trust presenting the greatest barrier. This goes against many of the main predictions about the use of…

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Mobile commerce to be simplified by new NFC token system

Mobile Commerce

Companies expand partnership to make mobile commerce more simplistic ACI Worldwide, an international provider of payment solutions, has announced that it will be expanding its partnership with Bell ID, a developer of smart cards and management solutions, in order to simplify the world of NFC mobile commerce. Mobile commerce continues to attract attention all over the world, primarily due to demand from consumers and retail companies. Powered by NFC technology, mobile commerce has experienced a great deal of growth over the past year. This growth has translated into new opportunities…

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