Researchers unveil flexible 3D smartphone called ReFlex

holoflex 3d smartphone flexible screen holographic

A team at Queen’s University in Canada now have the first full-color, high-res bendable mobile phone. The Human Media Lab from Queen’s University in Canada has now unveiled a prototype flexible 3D smartphone that they have named the ReFlex and that has become the first mobile device in the world to be high resolution, full-color and able to display three dimensional images. At the same time, the team behind the ReFlex also announced its HoloFlex smartphone. The HoloFlex goes beyond the already impressive ReFlex 3D smartphone by becoming the “world’s…

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Project Tango smartphone from Google and Lenovo to launch this summer

project tango

The two technology giants have partnered up to create a device with cutting edge 3D location tech. Google and Lenovo have revealed that they will be releasing a smartphone from Project Tango, this summer, which will feature indoor tracking like nothing that has ever been seen on mobile phones by way of 3D location technology and augmented reality. The idea is to allow people to further enhance their navigation of the world through their smartphones. The partnership with Google was announced by Lenovo during the CES 2016, which was held…

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Technology news at Amazon includes talks of a smartphone

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon technology news

The company has revealed that it is on the edge of a release of a new mobile device in the second half of 2014. According to the participants in a briefing regarding Amazon’s plans, that company intends to make massive technology news in the second half of this year by taking its first steps into the smartphone market. This has the potential to shake up the industry a little bit and knock Samsung and Apple down a peg. This latest technology news is just the most recent in a wider…

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