3D QR codes launched by savvy businessman

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A new project called “Get a Round TUIT” was created by a craft artist and digital decorator. Mark Herring and his business associate, Hal Mandelman have now come up with unique 3D QR codes. These are a part of their most recent project called “Get a Round TUIT.” They provide a type of quick response code, which Herring calls a Matrix code. That barcode will provide local businesses with a new opportunity for growth and customer retention. The 3D QR codes have been designed to be considerably different from the…

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QR codes made with 3D printing could draw greater attention than 2D barcodes

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R&D Technologies has come up with a unique new way to capture interest using quick response codes. It is difficult to go anywhere, anymore, without spotting QR codes on product packaging and on advertising materials, but at the same time, only a low percentage of those barcodes are scanned by consumers, who are very used to seeing them but the majority of whom has yet to start to using them. Marketers have been able to improve their results to a growing degree, but some are taking bigger steps to stand…

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Enhancing Video Game Design with QR Codes

Quick response codes are already used in a variety of multimedia formats, from product packaging to websites. They can now be scanned using apps on most smartphones, becoming ever more ubiquitous as fun ways to share information. One interesting venue in which QR codes can be used to enrich the user experience is within gaming. Today’s video games are already highly technologically advanced, giving users the ability to step into virtual realities and play games from the viewpoint of highly complex characters. It’s helpful to take a closer look at…

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QR Codes on Steroids

Onvert.com Website

What’s a QR Code? They are those rather odd looking black and white square barcode now appearing in your magazines, newspapers and on your favorite products. By scanning them with an app on your phone they can open websites. Truth is we believe the QR code is just a bit, well, boring. Why not shake it up – perhaps add 3D layers, and sound? That humble QR code can do so much more for you if it’s an onvert™ code. Onvert can do everything a QR can do plus 3D…

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3D Quick Response Future

Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., a developer of interactive 3D display technologies, has announced advancements made to its 3D holographic display platform by using QR codes. QR codes are used in a number of industries to create a dynamic environment for consumers using smart phones. They are able to scan the codes for detailed information or any variety of online content. Provision is the first 3D digital media company to utilize the barcode as part of its holographic displays. QR codes can contain an array of information. Scanning the codes can…

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