Augmented reality transforms Angry Birds

Augmented Reality Video

PendAR working to pioneer augmented reality gaming Augmented reality games are becoming a craze as more developers show interest in the technology. These interactive games are not being pioneered by giant developers like Sony or Microsoft, however, small developers, sometimes comprised of a single person, are leading the charge in augmented reality games. PendAR is one such developer. The company, which specializes in augmented reality, has brought the technology to one of the world’s most popular mobile games: Angry Birds. Angry Birds gets a 3D upgrade Angry Birds has provided…

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Doctor Who augmented reality game from WowWee makes an appearance at London’s Toy Fair 2012

AppGear Video Augmented Reality Mobile games

WowWee, a designer of innovative high-tech entertainment products, is attending the Toy Fair 2012 convention this week in London, UK. The company is showing of a number of new mobile games for smart phones, some of which make use of augmented reality. The most popular game the company has showcased this week is their new Doctor Who game that is part of the company’s AppGear line. This is not the first time The Doctor has found himself in a video game, but it is the first time his game has…

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Game developer adopts augmented reality to take horror games to new heights

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been getting a lot of attention in the gaming industry in recent years and rightfully so, as the technology can make gaming more dynamic as it can turn the physical world into a digital playground. With a new sleuth of gaming consoles capable of handling augmented reality games, more developers have been setting their sights on the technology. Tecmo Koei, a Japanese game developer known around the world for its popular survival horror games, has announced that it will be using augmented reality to make its new…

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