QR codes will be the next addition to Beijing taxis

taxi qr codes mobile payments system

In 2015, passengers taking cabs in the capital of China will be able to enjoy a new high tech feature. Taxi riders in Beijing are going to be able to a enjoy a new feature that is compatible with their smartphones in the form of QR codes that are going to be displayed on the ID cards of their drivers. This will give those riders the ability to scan the quick response codes in order to learn more. The information that they will be able to obtain by scanning the…

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QR codes are the latest tech from OceanWatch Australia

qr codes fish counter

These quick response codes are being used to track seafood and inform buyers about the history of their products. OceanWatch Australia has now announced the introduction of the new unique QR codes that are meant to give buyers the opportunity to use their smartphones and tablets to trace the history of the seafood that they are interested in purchasing. These quick response codes can be scanned to provide wholesale buyers with information specific to that product. For example, wholesale buyers can scan the QR codes to obtain the information with…

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Are QR codes past their prime?

qr codes trends

A recent study on quick response codes has revealed that most people still see them as useful. Online mobile technology magazine, QR Code Press has released the results of a study that it had conducted throughout the first half of November, examining the usefulness of QR codes and investigating whether or not this type of 2D barcode has already had its moment in the sun and is now on its way out. The results of the research showed that consumers have many opinions about quick response codes, but overall they…

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QR codes provide fast and easy jury duty responses

qr codes payments

Residents of Connecticut could soon be able to use their smartphones to confirm or postpone service. It may not be long before residents of Connecticut will be able to use QR codes to be able to either confirm their service or postpone it when they have been called for jury duty. This will allow quick response codes to be scanned so that residents will automatically access the necessary webpage. Should the QR codes become available, they will be official barcodes that will allow residents to email the Jury Administration office,…

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QR codes help take on dengue outbreaks

dengue qr codes mosquito

A Gravitrap equipped with quick response codes can help to keep people informed. A new tool has now become available in Singapore that is designed to use QR codes to help people to gain quick and easy accurate information about dengue, in order to be able to better battle outbreaks of the disease. This tool, which has already proven to be helpful, will now use quick response codes to boost effectiveness. The tool is called the Gravitrap. It functions by capturing female mosquitoes that are ready to lay their eggs.…

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