The misunderstood power of QR codes

QR Codes mobile payments

QR codes can be a powerful marketing tool When it comes to marketing, QR codes sometimes receive a great deal of criticism. The tech-savvy have been slow to warm to QR codes because of their simplistic nature and relatively low flexibility when compared to other technologies, like NFC and augmented reality. Consumers often consider the codes to be garish and unappealing as well, and others simply do not know what the codes are for and avoid them. The criticism that QR codes attract has not dissuaded marketers from making use…

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Augmented reality could be a boon for news outlets

Augmented Reality turning print ads into interactive media

Augmented reality could help revitalize news Augmented reality could provide news organizations with the clout they need in order to remain relevant to modern consumers, especially in regards to print. The advent of mobile technology has put a heavy strain on the publishing business. More consumers are using their mobile devices to find content online, rather than purchasing physical books and newspapers. Though mobile technology is one of the reasons print has been suffering lately, it may also be the thing that saves the print business, especially for news outlets.…

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The Sun adopts augmented reality technology

augmented reality posters

Augmented reality could help newspapers engage consumers As the print industry continues to adopt technology as a way to ensure its continued existence and relevance to consumers, augmented reality is beginning to play a larger role. Newspapers, in particular, could see the greatest potential success in their use of augmented reality technology. The technology can enable newspapers to be more interactive, allowing them to engage consumers in a new way. This interactivity is already in high demand amongst consumers that are familiar with such innovative technologies. The Sun produces augmented…

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LA Times launches augmented reality application

augmented reality video

Augmented reality application could engage consumers on a new level The Los Angeles Times has launched a new augmented reality application, joining other news publications in the country in the adoption of interactive technology. The augmented reality application, called iD Print, was launched on the opening day of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The application makes use of software developed by In8 Mobile, a developer of mobile applications with a penchant for augmented reality. The LA Times is the latest in a growing list of news publications that have…

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NFC technology not sufficient for the London Underground

NFC Security

Transport for London shies away from NFC technology The London Underground is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. The Underground provides United Kingdom citizens with public transportation services that are often considered quick and efficient. With daily service in the realm of 3 million a day, Transport for London (TfL), the operators of the transportation system, constantly look for ways to make the Underground more efficient for travels. Recently, TfL has been experimenting with NFC technology in the hopes of accomplishing this goal. Technology not capable of…

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