Tag Smart Pets announces new service that lets people find their missing pets with the help of QR codes

QR Code Pet Tags

QR Code Pet Tags

In the United Kingdom, more than 5,000 pets go missing each week. Most never find their way back home, despite the best efforts of their owners. Over the years, emerging technologies have made it easier for people to find their furry friends when they get lost, but it can be quite expensive to equip an animal with a radio frequency chip that is always broadcasting. Tag Smart Pets, a company specializing in mobile technology for animals, has announced a new QR code service that is designed to be a cost effective way to keep track of pets.

The codes can be affixed to the collars worn by pets. Each code will be linked to a mobile website that contains the profile of a specific pet. The information on this profile is supplied by the animal’s owner and can be updated at any time. The codes can be scanned by any smart phone that is equipped with a barcode scanning application.

Tag Smart Pets believes that this new service will help owners keep track of their pets and help some animals find their way home after being lost. The service is not meant to be a replacement for microchip tracking technology and the company encourages pet owners to keep the option available. The QR code system is meant to augment the chip system and allow it to work more efficiently.

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