Tablets could lead smartphones in the mobile commerce sector

tablet mobile commerce

Tablets considered ideal for mobile commerce

This year may become a major milestone for tablets when it comes to mobile commerce. More consumers are beginning to participate in online shopping and many of these people are favoring tablets over smartphones, according to a new report from BI Intelligence. The report highlights the growing attractiveness of mobile commerce and sheds some light on how this may affect retail in the future, especially as mobile devices become more available to a wider range of people.

Tablets could lead smartphones in terms of mobile sales

By the end of the year, BI Intelligence predicts that tablets with account for 50% of the total value of U.S. retail sales made through mobile devices. Within the next few years, tablets may begin to outpace smartphones in terms of mobile sales. One of the reasons for this may be the fact that consumers are reporting a more enjoyable experience with tablets than with smartphones, at least in terms of online shopping and mobile commerce in general.

tablet mobile commerceLarger screens are favored by consumers

Tablets feature larger screens that allow for better navigation options. These large screens allow consumers to zoom in on product information more effectively and BI Intelligence suggests that tablets are ideal for “lean-back” power shopping sessions. The firm’s report suggests that the average amount of money that consumers spend through tablets when they participate in mobile commerce is higher than that recorded from smartphones as well.

Smartphones still offer some flexibility in physical stores

Tablets may be well suited for mobile commerce, but they are still relatively cumbersome when it comes to doing auxiliary shopping in physical stores. Smartphones are still preferred by consumers that do product research while in a store and those that are comparing prices on particular products. Nonetheless, tablets are expected to become the ideal mobile commerce platform within the near future, especially as retailers begin designing their websites to be more accommodating of these mobile devices.

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