Tablet commerce user confidence has climbed over the last year

Tablet Commerce confidence

Tablet Commerce confidenceLatest index from CoffeeTable shows that consumers feel more confident with t-commerce.

Leading catalog shopping app for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini, CoffeeTable, has just revealed the latest data on its Couch Commerce Index (CII), regarding the progress of tablet commerce.

This is a free report that is issued by the company regarding consumer engagement with retailers.

The report is specific to tablet commerce. Though mobile as a whole played a vital role throughout the holiday shopping season, the CCI showed that it wasn’t just smartphones that were key to the purchases and purchasing decisions that were made during this most important buying period of the year.

The CCI recorded an increase of 11 percent in tablet commerce over the last quarter of 2012.

This was confirmed by Flurry Analytics, a research firm which reported that the activation of these mobile computers and of smartphones on Christmas Day alone spiked to over 17.4 million. This represented a 332 increase over the 4 million per day baseline in that month. Activations readying consumers for tablet commerce were just slightly greater than those of smartphones.

These indicators have shown that there is a growth in overall consumer confidence in tablet commerce. The penetration of these devices is skyrocketing, and it is having an impact on the engagement of shoppers and the conversion rates that online merchants are experiencing.

The CCI’s fourth quarter report showed that tablet commerce increased 11 percent over the quarter before and when compared to the year before, it rose by 37 percent. The index rose by 14 points over its Q3 position, which had been resting at 123. In the last quarter of 2012, it was recorded at 137 points. This is the largest jump between quarters that the index has ever experienced.

The increase is explained by the considerable tablet commerce activity that occurred during the holiday shopping season. It was driven by targeted initiatives during that time, as well as an ever rising confidence and comfort level that has built up among consumers in terms of shopping using these devices. The December launch of the CoffeeTable loyalty program boosted engagement three times over.

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