Tablet commerce sees two new Yoga products from Lenovo

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The Yoga 900 and the Yoga Tab 3 have become the most recent additions to the offerings from the brand.

At a time in which Lenovo has been placing a considerable amount of its focus on the market in India, it has now also added two new products to the tablet commerce world, expanding its lineup of Yoga devices.

These two new t-commerce additions include a slim convertible laptop and a tablet focused on home entertainment.

These two tablet commerce devices are meant to help the brand to stand out within an extremely promising but highly competitive market. The claim currently being made about the Yoga 900 convertible laptop is that it is the thinnest laptop with an Intel core. On the other hand, the Yoga Tab Pro 3 is attracting attention as a premium mobile device with a built-in projector. This has made the Yoga 900 Lenovo’s new top offering among tablets.

These two different options in tablet commerce are meant to appeal to two large consumer groups.

tablet commerce trendsThe Yoga 900 convertible laptop has been designed to be configured with 8GB of RAM alongside the 6th gen Core i7 processor from Intel. It features an ultra-slim design and is constructed with the signature watchband-style hinge mechanism from Lenovo, which uses over 800 individual woven pieces for the greatest flexibility of use. In fact, it is built for four modes of usage: tablet, tent, stand and tablet. The display is 13.2 inches, offering a 3200 by 1800 pixel resolution.

On the other hand, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro offers an update to the last generation and is continuing the use of the built-in projector feature. This allows users to be able to display media and videos on a larger surface. It is also built with a hinge, allowing it to rotate. The 50 lumen output projector can display up to a distance of 70 inches, onto a wall, ceiling, or other similar surface.

When speaking of the newest movements in tablet commerce by the company, the Lenovo India director of marketing, Bhaskar Choudhuri, explained that “We have disrupted the market with the Yoga brand, which is synonymous with consumer centric innovation.”

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